Nazarene Christian Academy students study the Bible, sing Christian songs, identify themselves with God's people, serve each other and the larger community, and together explore the nature and task of Christian life in the pluralistic society: what it means to love God and love people in today's world.

Nazarene Christian Academy is guided by the vision of a new and better world: the Kingdom of God. Specifically the school teaches a discipleship that is responsive to God, the creation, the structures of society, and the needs of humanity, and which includes such dimensions as:

• God-worshipping                            • truth-seeking

• creation-exploring                         • earth-keeping

• art-creating                                       • peace-making

              • justice-seeking                                • community-building

The Classroom

•A Christ-centered learning environment with caring professionals.

•Small class sizes with one on one interaction.

•Instills great values that last a lifetime.

•Students learn and excel with out the stress of state testing.